A letter to Kurseong

Letter to Kurseong

To Kurseong,

I still very vividly remember our first encounter, probably because of the temperature shock I got as it had dropped from 35oC to 16oC in a matter of an hour and 30 minutes. I was wearing a crop top and skinny jeans from Siliguri, you’ve got no idea how much I was struggling to manage a pose and not look weird in the photographs.

Amidst the clenching of teeth and fists, I noticed how intriguing you were, a weird wild cross between hills and mountains at the foot of Darjeeling. I’ve visited you nine times and every time you welcome me, not with warmth and subtlety but with heavy cold gusts of wind that hit my face like blows, turning my nose red and sending shivers down my spine. Yet, I’m there again every year-end to experience another blow and of course for the continuity of my grand slippery fall series.

I’ve realized that I can’t really complain about the cold because without it those “Typos” at dinner time wouldn’t taste that heavenly; bedtimes with heaters wouldn’t be looked forward to and late-night horror stories near the fireplace wouldn’t have the same charm. Kurseong, if you were a person, I’m sure you’d be eclectic by nature, straightforward, and sometimes maybe a little rude. But I’d be your that “clingy best friend” who doesn’t leave your side despite millions of fights and arguments we’d have.

Thank you! My back may now be desensitized but my soul has been filled with happiness and satisfaction. Kurseong, you’re like my comfort food which I cannot live without. If you were a cookie, you’d definitely be an Oreo, just as yummy without milk and as heavenly when dipped in warm milk on a cold frigid winter. I cherish our equation and will always do.

Until next time,
Love Sneha.


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