Are you happy?

Are you happy?
Yes, you are,
You’ve got everything you wanted in your life,
but are you actually happy?
The loneliness speaks,
No, I am not, No, I am not.
The person inside me called loneliness is killing me,
Killing me patiently.
The fear of not keeping up with the real world full of competition,
The fear of being alone,
The fear of being judged,
The fear of living a life without any purpose,
The fear that I am working towards something I might hate or not even get accepted into,
The fear, The fear and, The word fear itself is killing me,
Killing me so deep.
Yes, so deep,
And it hurts like a sharp needle in the chest.
Is it okay?
Is it okay to feel like this?
Is it normal?
Am I normal?

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