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Some Days

Some days, I feel so incompetent. Like a flower being plucked,...

September 10, 2021


i shall await, for these flowers to be burnt muster up...

September 2, 2021

To the scars on my legs

“Don’t wear this dress anymore, people will see your scars” My...

August 26, 2021



September 23, 2016 0 Comments

“I’m a self learned musician and artist, very passionate about music, arts and drama. I paint free hand abstract arts and mandala designs. I have no ideas about tricks and skills because I never took any classes. Talking about music, all genres are equally fascinating but I prefer alternative metal, post grunge, hard rock, nu



September 23, 2016 0 Comments

Somewhere safer, where walking alone feels free not feared. Somewhere brighter, where darkness is a gift, not horror. Where your heels make music, not noise. Where your tiara means royalty, not adultery. Where love makes sense, and so do you. Where sexuality expressed is power, not a license to rape. Where liberation is a state,


Let’s go back, let’s be a kid again

September 23, 2016 0 Comments

Let’s go back, let’s be a kid again, when missing morning cartoons and going to school was the only pain. When the only delicious food was cooked by your mother, and playing games was great with your elder sister and brother. Let’s go back, let’s be a kid again, when we made paper boats and