College and Internship

I had wanted to work in an investment company to explore the capital market since my freshman year. As working was not feasible due to college routines and inflexible office hours, I waited for almost three and a half years for an internship. I thought if not a job, then why not intern before the 8th semester? Luckily, in my 5th semester, I got an opportunity to intern in a Portfolio Management Company and it’s going really well till date. I am learning new ways of investing every day with my expert colleagues.

I believe, to further explore the field of your interest you should engage in things that are possible around you. I think university education is the guideline that gives you a direction. Knowing bookish knowledge is not always enough, you should apply that knowledge in your practical life so that your learning will create value for you and others. Nothing is possible without your continuous effort, you just have to step out of your comfort zone with the courage to progress.

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