It was during the early 15th Century when guitar came into being. The first person who came up with the idea was Heil in 1973. Six strings of the guitar were designed in such a way that when strummed together, they would produce a melodious sound.

In my point of view, it would be inappropriate to call the sound of guitar actually a sound. I would rather name it a feeling. A feeling that is enough to give you Goosebumps. The Six strings of guitar have their own story to tell. The first says “always be sweet in life.” The second one says “innocence is everything” The third says “always be tuned.” The fourth one says “a little rough and tough is what life is all about.” The fifth string says “don’t give up even if, you sound bad.” And the sixth one says “don’t underestimate yourself, you are special in your own way.” It is these strings that make a guitar “Guitar.”

This may sound like a tale but the sound of these six strings makes my heart skip a beat. A guitar produces a melody if properly tuned and the same goes for us. We are capable of producing good and melodious sounds only if we are tuned. Don’t hesitate if you are getting tuned by someone else because in the end, it will be you roaring out loud. For all the guitarists reading this, playing a guitar is not just playing it, you all know that right? Always remember a good guitarist understands notations but a real guitarist understands the guitar itself.

"My guitar my feeling" - Swarnim Rana

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