How important are your friends?

Friends are someone you can count on. They are most probably like your second family as they are there for you when you need someone to hear you out, understand you, and be there for you. It is said that “Friends are the family we choose ourselves” maybe because sometimes we share our deepest secrets with our friends rather than our family members. A friend is someone we bond with not by blood but by the connection we feel with them.

Friends at times act like our parents as they guide us with their suggestions or give us a small pep talk if we’re going through family issues, or while handling relationships, or study stuffs. It’s a blessing to find true friends. They bring out the best in you by supporting you in situations when you cannot think straight to make certain choices in life. My friends are always ready to help when it comes to sharing notes when I miss out on the class or when I am being an emotional mess. It’s like they’re my pillar, and I can lean onto them without any hesitation.

We cannot deny the fact that having friends makes life more enjoyable and exciting. Activities like partying, going shopping and movies, gossiping with them for what feels like a minute but turns out to be hours, going on trips with friends is all extremely and undeniably fun. It feels amazing to have such friends, and without them, I feel my life would be extremely tedious, and that’s how important my friends are to me.

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