I am just like you

I am just like you,
Except, for the days I wake up feeling like a man,
Not the ones, catcalling you down the streets,
Or the ones too afraid to cry.
Man, so pure that the Color pink doesn’t scare them,
Man, untouched by the patriarchy.
Other days I am a woman,
Not the ones defined by the pitch of their voice,
Or the softness of their hands,
Woman, untethered by the rules of the society,
Woman, strong, vulnerable and feminine.
I am sacred,
As holy as Brahma.
The parts of my body don’t restrict my sexuality,
Sexuality, if it exists,
Sexuality that has all colors of rainbows,
None of which I fit in,
The umbrella that will never cover me.
I am happy with the body I live in,
The blues and the pinks in the dresses I wear.
So today I dance,
In a pink tulle skirt with bow tie on my neck.
I dance, free from the boundaries you have asked me
to be in,
I dance, knowing my gender is not yours to decide.

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