In the Dark Room

In a dark room with red curtains,

The darkness is my friend.

What you can’t see I can see everything,

The sadness, the shyness, I can smell the jealousy,

I can hear the inner voice.

The stuck voice stabbed by the society,

I can do what others can do.

I can be soft as marshmellow,

and bold hard like rock as well,

Believe me I can.

I live in a dark room with red curtains,

Outside it there is a colorful world fascinating to see but I fear to be a part of it.

My shyness is my strength and also my weakness,

In a contradictory society let me live in my own world.

Imaginary world in my brain that’s just an illusion,

Cigarette and weed becomes a part of life,

Just want to go higher but those are none of my necessity.

Puberty has hit me the social butterfly that does not want to be social anymore,

Getting away from my creators awkwardness is taking its place,

So I write, listen, sing and dance, following my interest let me be a free bird.

A lone wolf that stays in its imaginary world,

Pulling the curtains off letting the sunshine enter my room, I am in a dark room with some hope in my dark room.

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