Intercollege Short Movie Competition

On 31st May, The Management Club of Thames International College collaborated with Thames Theatre Club and conducted Inter College short movie competition. The event was an initiation to promote awareness about various social problems that is evident in our society and also a platform for the unheard voices. Analyzing the increasing social problems such as rape, violence, and bullying it was a small effort made by Management team and Theatre club to aware people about the consequences.

The competition was held inside the Thames auditorium around 1 pm where there were 6 different colleges presenting 8 videos. The participating colleges were Thames International College, Islington College, Little Angels’ College, St. Xavier’s College, Presidential Business School and Nepal College Travel & Tourism Management (NCTTM) The judges were Mr Raju Lama, Mr Anoj Pandey, and Mr Gaurav Gurung, who were all related to media and film industry.

There was about 60 to 70 student and few faculty members were present as well. The videos presented were heart-touching and relatable to contemporary society. Some of the social issues like rape, acid attack, depression, gender equality were beautifully portrayed. Along with the movie screening, there was a short speech on climate change by Usha and Samikshya from The Management Club. The speech was to aware people about how climate change is increasing rapidly. They also talked about the initiative taken by Thames International College to acknowledge climate change.

A small act titled “Kina?” was also presented by the Thames Theatre Club. The act showcased how the Nepalese society perceives women. The cheering and tears from the audience showed how heart-touching the act was the winner was St. Xavier’s College and was awarded with a cash prize of Rs 15,000 and certificates. Their video conveyed a message of how much equality between male and female is needed to get the work done in smooth manner and in time. The runner-up of the competition was NCTTM and they were awarded with a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and certificates. They had shown a video based on a real life incident of acid attack victim Ms Basanti Pariyar. Their video conveyed a message of how alert we people must be even with the ones we call friend because we never know about the egoistic thought they have in their mind. All the participants were provided with certificates of participation and a token of appreciation was provided to our judges.

The event was a great success made possible by the volunteers of The Management Club and Thames Theatre Club, the six participating colleges and the support provided by Thames Int’l College by providing the platform to conduct the competition. The audience from different colleges and the presence of teachers of Thames College in the event has also played an intense role for the success of the event.

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