Internship at Thames

I am a student at Thames International College, studying BBA. For me getting internship at Thames was a golden opportunity as I am a marketing student and was able to get internship for the position of Admission process. I am most thankful to Thames for giving me this opportunity. I started my Internship at Thames from July 7, 2019 and each day was a learning experience for me. I worked as an intern for 3 months along with 5 other staff members My responsibilities as an intern included counseling new student applicants, filling forms and data entry related to the admission processes of new applicants. I took this period of 3 months not just as a work but   as a game, I knew I had to excel in it. I knew I had to keep doing it to get better at it. This internship opportunity not only helped me on a professional level but also with my communication and inter-personal skills. I also learned a lot about how to communicate with people who have different personality traits than me. At first, I was scared that I might make mistakes or might not be fit for the workplace but later   I became bolder and confident in my abilities. This certainly led to some development in my personality

To sum up my experience as an intern, it really was a great learning experience for me. Although working as an intern might not mean much to many people in different places but I like to believe my experience as an intern at Thames International College was much more than that

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