Interview of Sagar Malla

From President of Rotaract club of Thames International College to the District Treasurer of Rotaract district, Mr. Sagar Malla demonstrates his consistency and devotion towards his work. He was an active and dedicated student during his college life and was involved in different clubs of Thames. In that process he became the President of Rotaract Club of Thames International College for the Rota Year 2014/15 and took it to the next level. Being an alumni of Thames, a short interview was taken to know more about his journey and role of the Thames in it.

1. Describe your journey at Thames.

For me, journey at Thames has been amazing from the very beginning. A self-developing environment at Thames along with the best group of teachers, friends and seniors helped me in my learning process in various forms namely in my academics and in my life as well. The years I spent at Thames International College are the best years of my life.

2. Would you like to share any memorable incident at Thames?

I have managed to accumulate a number of memories from winning Cricket tournament to reviving Student Council and Rotaract club, from organizing various events to International Student Meets (Odissa), from sports week to intense meeting with college management and how can I forget hanging out with my friends. These memories will always be a part of my life.

3. Can you name some of your favorite classes at Thames?

Communication class taken by Debanjana ma’am, marketing class taken by of Unnati ma’am and finance class taken by Pitamber sir were some of my favorite classes.

4. What is your opinion about different clubs at Thames?

I believe various clubs established at Thames provide s with the opportunities to experience, learn and develop themselves professionally and personally according to their interest. All of these skills will surely be helpful for them when they enter into their professional life.

5. Describe your journey from President of RAC Thames to District Treasurer.

Honestly, my journey from President of RAC Thames to District Treasurer has not been that easy. I still remember the year of 2014-15, when our team was able to revive and bring positive changes in the club, as a result of which the students of Thames are still able to experience its opportunities. The motivation that I got back then has helped me with my leadership. So, I got an opportunity to serve as zonal secretary of zone VI in 2016-17 after which I was elected as Zonal Rotaract Representative of zone VI for 2017-18. My capability and ambition to bring positive changes in the Rotaract district has helped me to get selected as District Treasurer by District Rotaract Representative this year.

6. How did Thames or RAC Thames help you in shaping your career?

Thames College besides academics, built an environment for me to be a part of RAC Thames, Management Club, Student Council and Thames cricket team which gave me an opportunity to learn various skills and groom myself for my career. Specifically RAC Thames helped me groom personally and professionally. To be specific it helped me learn skills such as time management, handling pressure, and working in team.

7. In your opinion, how can Rotaract Club help the society and students?

Though many other clubs help society and the students, I believe Rotaract has an advantage of its international connection. Rotaract club can not only use its local connection but also its international connection to help the society through technical and non-technical supports. Similarly the activities of Rotaract are aligned in such a way that students get exposure to their professional and leadership development. Therefore, giving service through fellowship Rotaract club can be of much help to the society and students.

8. Any advice or message for the students seeking opportunities?

I would advise the students to grab hold of any opportunity that comes their way. Though these opportunities may seem hard at its initial stage but the outcomes they bring at the end is worth it. This teaches us the lesson that we do not find within our books.

9. Anything you would like to add up or something that I have missed to question about?

Enjoy your days at Thames at its best, and try to learn as much as you can.

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