Interview with Arpan Upadhyaya

Mr. Arpan Upadhyaya is the newly appointed head of school of business and technology at Thames. He has been a part of Thames for almost a year and within this short period of time, he had successfully conducted two new events: Thames Box Cricket and Thames Premier League 2019. Along with the promotion of sports at Thames, these events have also provided an opportunity for 11 outstanding players from different colleges to form a team and play friendly matches. Acknowledging his interest in sports sector, I conducted a short interview with him to know more about those events.

  1. Describe your Thames Journey till date. Why did you choose Thames?

Ans. I have been relishing the journey and totally appreciating my workplace. The first reason why I chose Thames would be its popularity and recognition in education sector. Also, the exceptional environment to work in for the revolutionary, young and dynamic individuals would definitely add up.

  1. What is your opinion about sports? Which is your favorite sport?

Ans. Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A healthy person is someone with a sound mind and a sound body. For the same, sports play a huge role in our way of conduct. My favorite sport would be cricket. Being someone from Nepalgunj, I am attached to cricket as I hold some very precious childhood memories of playing the game that are close to my heart.

  1. How do you feel after conducting Box cricket league 2019 and Thames Premier League 2019? Were there any difficulties while conducting these events?

Ans. Box cricket is the shortest format of cricket. It was an experiment, judging from the overwhelming response that we got, I must say it was successful. We thought the small area would cause difficulties but it didn’t seem to bother anyone. Thames Premier League also proved to be a triumphant event considering the interaction between the under and post graduates of respective colleges and the outstanding energy of participants. However, the weather was not favoring us and due to the certain inappropriate ground facilities, we had some itty bitty complications. Well, as the problem of today is lesson for tomorrow, we will come strong again next year.

  1. Are you willing to conduct these events again in 2020? If yes then, what changes or areas do you want to work on?

Ans. After such a huge success, definitely we will. Naturally, this time we will be focusing on increasing the number of the participating colleges, hoping to give it a national coverage by attempting to coach and counsel our players efficiently for enhancing their capabilities.

  1. In your opinion what are the advantages of conducting such sports activities? What were the response of the students, administration and players after completion of these events?

Ans. Such events undoubtedly build a sense of responsibility, leadership, importance of team work and the core value of sportsmanship among the participants. After the completion of these events, students and participants tend to become more disciplined and as a matter of fact positive attitude is highlighted in their aura. As for the administration, they were fully satisfied considering such festive and joyous occasion in the college which also helped promote the college tremendously.

  1. Are there any sports that you would like to conduct in Thames that has not been organized till date? If yes, then which sport and why?

Ans. I would love to conduct volleyball considering the fact that how rarely it is played, although it is the national sport of Nepal. I am very passionate about the game and love seeing beach volleyball matches and also people enjoying the beauty of the game in rural areas of Nepal.

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