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The final story of my “sweet addiction” is something that reoccurs every year and I find this very funny but what can I say? “Sweets are LOVE”

I could have been one of those foodie people who checks out blogs, vlogs, discovers new restaurants, travels, eats, clicks and repeats. But my romance with food is never that exciting, not even in my childhood. I’ve always been that person who has his or her own comfy food and doesn’t like to experience and try new stuff. But I do find the beauty in the masterpiece, whenever I see some cool pictures of foods along with some cliché caption below, I won’t lie, my stomach grumbles and mouth waters. But mark my words “that’s a rare case”. But then something struck me last Thursday like why I was stressing so hard to find my food story when I’ve always had a sweet tooth with many sweets stories in my life. I believe that my ”sweet tooth” journey started because of my paapu’s habit of bringing sweets every Friday evening when he came back from his office. As a child I would sit there anticipating my father to come, but honestly speaking, my anticipation would be more for the sweets rather than my father coming home.

Chori dhoka khola” would make my heart jump realizing that the sweets had arrived. I would run downstairs faster than flash where my father would be expecting a hug from me but all I did was snatch the sweets and walk upstairs, leaving my father hanging. The taste of Gulab Jaamun from Guptas & Guptas was my personal ecstasy which started my sweet tooth journey. Talking about my sweet tooth voyage, another incident that never leaves my mind is during my stay in Bangalore where I used to hate the food cooked in coconut oil, in which they cooked everything, but loved the sweets which literally were my dinner during my stay there. I still don’t understand how I didn’t get cavities, even after having sweets as dinner for 5 days straight. But even if I did get cavities it would have been worth it because the sweets they had were amazing contrast to their food.

Another “sweet story” very close to me is about Naryanghat ko jeri. So one Dashain we were not able to celebrate it as a family member passed away. We went to Narayanghat, my aunt’s place where I was introduced to the best tasting Jeri I had ever had in my life. I was never a big Jeri fan but the Jeri I had there, had a different magic in its taste. Since it was Dashain, we played cards the entire day and every time I won some money, that Jeri shop was my go to stop. Those days Jeri was what I had the entire time. For breakfast I had it with swari and some halwa and for dinner I had it as dessert.

As I told before I always have had a sweet tooth and a lot of sweet stories during different times of my life. To be honest sweets were one of the things that I found happiness in and I have so many memories created because of sweets. One of the closest stories of my sweet tooth journey was when I tasted Bengali sweets for the first time in my life, to which I was instantly hooked on to. So a friend of my father always used to send us those exotic Bengali sweets from Bangladesh which I always loved, one day I had some work and I went to my father’s office where I met my father’s friend for the first time. At first he asked me if I knew him or not, and I said no because obviously I had never seen him before. Then he introduced himself as my “sweet dealer” which surprised me at first but I was happy to finally meet him. Since then I always greeted him with a big smile every time I saw him and I felt like he was a family. The best thing about this story is that a box of sweets brought me close to someone I never knew and made him a part of my life. Now he is my favorite human being. (Smiles)

The final story of my “sweet addiction” is something that reoccurs every year and I find this very funny but what can I say? “Sweets are LOVE”

So something that I have been doing since a very long time is that, whenever I buy sweets as gifts for my mom and dad for different occasions(especially father’s and mother’s day) I give it to them, I take it back and eat it all by myself not sparing even a grain for them. I feel that sweets always bring out the inner kid in me and I guess it is the main reason to why I’m so in love with sweets.

This is the real beauty of food, remembering my sweet tooth voyage I came to understand how food helps make new memories, cherish the old ones and have new experiences in our life. Every sweet story of mine helped me experience something new or I got a chance to get close to someone. I feel that food connects us in the happiest way possible, and it is a mini Disneyland for everyone.

The final story of my “sweet addiction” is something that reoccurs every year and I find this very funny but what can I say? “Sweets are LOVE”

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