Playing with words in search of happiness

Writing has always been a part of me. It has always given me happiness, even at times when I’ve failed to realize what it was. I never thought I was good at it and was always insecure about my writing so I never showed my articles or poems to anyone else. One day, I got an email from Student Affairs regarding a poetry workshop that was happening in the college as a part of the May Fair. I wanted to join the workshop. But we had to send a piece of our writing along with the poem. I was really uncomfortable to share my writing. I feared that people would judge me on the basis of it. I decided not to be a part of the workshop even though I really wanted to. So, I got out of my comfort zone and sent my poem anyway.

The workshop was truly an amazing experience. We were a total of six female writers and our mentor was Miss Nasala Chitrakar. She has been such a supportive mentor. In those three days of the workshop, I learned a lot about poetry and writing in general. The workshop definitely sharpened my skills and knowledge and helped me learn and explore more about poetry. It gave me an idea about trying new experiments and playing with words and elements of poems. It was wonderful knowing other poets and their way of writing as well. The three hours of three days literally passed like few minutes. At the end of the workshop, our mentor, Miss Nasala told us that if we were interested, we could perform our poems during Social Work Symposium that was happening the next week. As the workshop had made me confident enough to perform, I did just that.

The next challenge for me was to choose a topic to write upon. Then suddenly, on a regular college morning, when I was getting ready for college, I got conscious regarding scars that could be seen on my legs. The day passed with me feeling insecure and ugly because of it. Next morning, I woke up, grabbed a pen and a paper and wrote a poem regarding it in roughly five minutes. I went to college and showed it to Nasala ma’am. But I still was not sure if I could perform such a personal poem in my very first time. It was Nasala ma’am, my sister and my best friend who made me believe that I could. I was somewhat prepared for my performance now. However, I hadn’t shared my poem with anyone else in college other than Nasala ma’am. The day before my performance, I decided to practice in front of my friends. I recited my poem and the way they encouraged me, I felt highly motivated and ready.

Finally, the day of the performance was here. I was also volunteering at the symposium. So, I had to manage both my work at the symposium and my performance. The hustle had kind of increased my nervousness and I wasn’t so good during the practice. I kind of gave up on myself and thought that I would not be that good. Nasala ma’am and other participants comforted me and made me believe that I could do it and everything would be great. When my name was called upon, I went to the stage for my performance, I was all nervous and excited trying to make eye contact with the audience. The claps I received after my poem made me really happy but I almost cried because of nervousness.

I am really thankful to Word warriors, Nasala ma’am and our college for giving us an opportunity to learn more about poetry and sharpen ourselves. She has always been a great mentor. It was her who made me confident enough to share a really personal poem in front of a huge audience. That moment was really special to me and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. I will always continue my hobby of writing and if I get more opportunities to perform my poems in future, I am not going to miss it.

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