Rose Day

In the month of February, love blooms all over the world. It brings our loved ones together through chocolates hidden under our pillows, love notes secretly hung on the fridge, and especially through roses of different colors. Same goes with the atmosphere of Thames as it is full of love and excitement, color and roses, secret love messages shared through bouquet of flowers. The students of Thames College come together with a series of activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The girls and boys find this event as a perfect opportunity to show off their dance moves through choreographed dances, the air is full of romantic songs and singers. This event is organized by Social Work Club of Thames as a part of their fundraising activity for a social cause in aiding any issues related to education, helping schools in rural areas, and building library through an array of activities such as song dedication, rose dedication and fun games such as musical chair, paper dance. The event ends with a dance party which is most awaited by the students.


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