Some Days

Some days, I feel so incompetent.

Like a flower being plucked, or uprooted perhaps from where it belongs.

Some days, I feel so lost among my mistakes; 

the wrong things I’ve said in an argument with my mother.

Somedays, I feel like I am cold because I am drenched in all the tears I’ve caused.

Some days, I wonder if I’m just an imposter and that nothing really exists.

Some days, it gets tough to comprehend why I have been put amid so many kind beings, 

so many wonderful opportunities.

Most days, I feel like I have no control over anything and that everything was pre-planned, 

everything that is happening in my life, it’s not because of my karma.

Honestly, I wish there was an optimistic second part to this but not today.

Today, I just feel incompetent.


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