Sustainable Fashion

Fast fashion is growing rapidly. So why are most of us still unaware about it?

We put so much time and effort thinking about how we look, what new cuisine to try next, but why do we spend so little time thinking about what we put on our body? Also, in what kind of clothing material can our skin breathe? How are we damaging Mother Nature by trying to live in a luxurious fashion world, which directly promotes fast fashion.

Keeping these issues in mind, during Diversity day Kriye team in collaboration with the Student Council of Thames came up with a fashion show which represented a sustainable clothing line: Bora studio which is based in Nepal. Bora Studio has been moving forward in Nepalese society with the concept of making people aware about the danger of Fast Fashion. All of the products, from tote bags to jumpers, t-shirts to trousers are eco-friendly, namely jute, hemp, linen and organic cotton.

The students found this a perfect opportunity to make people aware about the concept of sustainable fashion. This was a small step towards being more mindful of what we are connecting ourselves to and also about what we wear, as that is what represents us the best. Change cannot happen over night, it takes time. So for Thames, this was also a small step towards being more respectful towards our Mother Nature and treating our bodies with more love.

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