The gates perspective

What does the entrance gate of Thames think about its students?

What does the entrance gate of Thames think about its students?

Have we ever wondered about it?

It is our entrance gate that keeps track of what happens in our college all around the year. The gate is aware of how the students spend their time. Whether they are seated within the comfort of books in our library or among the smell of coffee and chocolate croissant in our college café. It is always a thrill to read about the experience of a student’s first week at Thames. But at the same time it also always makes me want to spill out my emotions about how the second week, or the third or sixth month at Thames has been for me, rather than just limiting my experience to it to the first day at Thames.

As a third year student of Bachelors of Arts in Social Work, the semester comes to an end for me sometime in mid-June. The end of a semester is when students take home a box full of memories as they exit the door. Now, this box is not always filled with cherry blossoms. Actually, this box contains a mixture of both happy as well as sad memories.

There are days when I love my college life, every part of it. Just the sight of front gate gives me immense happiness. I am excited to hang out with my friends and take part in the different events that happen in the college. I clearly remember moments when all of my friends danced out in the open. I am not someone who feels comfortable dancing in public. But with every Diversity Day, Rose Day and other passing events, I learned to dance – that too, until the very last song that played on the music system. There are ways in which Thames has changed a part of me and turned it into a beautiful form. Dancing out in the open with my friends is one of them and they make up the beautiful moments that are in the box of my memories.

But there are also many days when just the sight of the front gate makes me want to cry and run away because I do not want to attend any of my classes, I don’t even want to hang around with my friends. Everything feels terrible because at times we go on this extremely difficult and bumpy ride with our friends or teachers or crushes or an acquaintance or even a stranger. Those rides are queasy. They make us sick but I am lucky to say that I have a few friends who have managed to save me from these treacherous rides and I have survived, somehow.

I guess this happens to most of us? I have realized that we often forget to take care of each other. We get so busy with our work or with feeling terrible that we forget to ask how other people we hang out with on a daily basis are doing. It seems like the sentence “How are you?” has become extinct from our language.

This makes me wonder about the many other students of this college, who like me pass through this gate everyday but with different feelings, emotions and thoughts.“Is the gate aware of what the students go through? Is the gate aware of how much we feel? Has the gate seen everything?” I ask myself, time and again.

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