To My Chiller Bombs

If anyone saw me a year ago they would’ve seen me as a completely different person. As it was the time when I closed myself off for months. I limited myself and maintained distance. Back then, when I tried locking people out of my life and reminiscence the moment spent with people who were no longer were here with me. It always brought me to tears. I used to feel guilty thinking something was wrong with me. I, the person who was a social butterfly suddenly became invisible even in a small group. I was at that point of my life where I blamed myself for every bad thing in my life. But with time, I came across some beautiful souls who helped me open up. They taught me how beautiful life still is and that it isn’t about who left you but who will be there during the dark nights. They made me realize how you can make your everyday beautiful just spending time with loved ones. They made me believe I was worth it. Slowly with these newfound people, I found my home. All the love and care they showered me with helped slowly wash away all the pain and grievances I had. They made me believe in people and myself again. Now I feel like I’ve finally found people who are there for me in tough times. I have friends and elders who always have my back and a shoulder for me to cry on. We may not be together all the time but I promise I have enjoyed every single day with you all. I don’t regret any second spent with you. I appreciate all of you. Thank you for making me the girl I am today. Now I am a happy-golucky person because you all made me believe in myself. Like Rachel from FRIENDS series, I found my magic beans, not in New York but at Thames International College.

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