“Who am I ?”

I often question myself, “Don’t I have the right to live in this society?” Sometimes I try to think of myself as a daughter and a sister of someone and try to find answers to my questions. Yet, this emotion remains unanswered. “Who am I?” I want to ask the perfect people, “What are you made up of? Don’t we breathe the same air and eat the same food that Mother Nature provides us? Aren’t we all made up of flesh and bones? Why do some people consider themselves more human than me? I was born with a certain disability. So, I cannot function my body parts normally at times.

When I was small, I was also rejected from many schools despite my enthusiasm for learning. I want to question the system, “Why do you deprive a child of education?” I know how it feels when your loved ones look into your eyes and say, “You do not belong to us”. Who do I belong to in this whole world? Do I belong to god? I want to ask them. I have a wish and a request to the creator of this universe, “Oh god! Have mercy on us”. Make this universe a place where there is no discrimination among poor and rich, able and disabled, and people with color. Till then, I will try to eradicate hatred and establish love.

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