The Chairman’s Social Initiative on Climate Change

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Thames International College has always stood out in terms of the progressive education provided to the students. In order to promote this progressive culture, it has been continuously organizing events and workshops that have been supporting students’ development in both personal and professional ways. Thames, as an educational institution, believes that it is our duty to integrate the environmental issues at all level and encourages to apply sound environmental management practices.

In today’s context, climate change is one of the key factors that impedes the capacity to achieve sustainable development and move towards long term environmental conservation. With regards to climate change mitigation, Thames International College launched “The Chairman’s Social Initiative on Climate Change” in the year 2019 as a commitment towards environmental protection within the college environment. It is an initiation that educates and encourages both the staffs and students to practice steps that can be adopted to reduce environmental damage and also move further towards adapting environmental conservation behavior. For the accomplishment of this project, Thames has lined up within the college premise various events, activities and changes that have been noted as a contribution to sustainable environmental conservation.

Management of recyclable waste: As a first step towards environmental conservation, Thames has partnered with Doko Recycles. Doko Recycles is a social enterprise working towards managing recyclable dry waste in Kathmandu. Doko is an environment friendly bin designed for proper sustainable waste management which has been placed within the Thames premises for proper segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. The partnership between Thames and Doko aims to create a greener and more sustainable environment in and around college premises, and also promotes waste management practices among students and staff. The institution has also initiated the ‘Green Tray’ for every department. The concept of Green Tray promotes proper utilization of rough (scrap) papers, which can either be recycled or reused.

Promoting greener environment: Thames International College has been promoting a greener work environment among the staffs. Staffs at Thames initiated this step by buying desk plants for their individual workspace. As they spend most of their time in the office which is often cluttered with papers and files, these desk plant not only transforms the workspace aesthetically but has also shown some improvement in the air quality, lower stress and acted as a mood booster. Additionally, Thames has also increased the number of potted plants within college premises. Treevolution Project: Treevolution Nepal is an   annual   youth-led tree plantation and nourishment campaign. The campaign was started in 2018 where 1500 trees were planted in Lamatar, Changunarayan and Gokarna. The Treevolution team will dedicate the next four years of this plantation campaign in the Mulpani area, as it lies close to the city and will play an important role in controlling the pollution of Kathmandu. The tree plantation was held on the 6th of July, 2019 in the Mulpani area. As a part of the Chairman’s Initiative on Climate Change, Thames International College collaborated with Treevolution Project Nepal. The staffs and students together were able to contribute 300 plus trees to the area.

Green practices through student clubs: For the environmental protection activities to be reflected in the student activities, the college will be conducting various activities and events in coordination with student clubs. One of the exciting and adventurous activities organized by the Student Council of Thames International College in 2019 was the “Green Hike”. It was scheduled for 30th November 2019 and the destination was Shivapuri National Park.

The hike was organized with the intention to help students get close to nature and enjoy the hiking trail with a magnificent view of Kathmandu city from the top of the mountain. Green Hike as a part of the Climate Change project was a wonderful opportunity for students to give back to nature by walking the trails plastic free and trying to avoid littering the path. It also provided an exposure for students away from hectic classes, assignments and the pollution of the valley.

Thames International College is well known for accepting the positive changes in every possible way. “The Chairman’s Social Initiative on Climate Change” is gaining its pace day by day with a motive to encourage the students and staffs to appreciate their environment and develop positive habits to create better societies and a better world. Thames is and will always be making an effort towards changing and educating students with real life experiences in the best possible manner because “Learning is a way of life.”

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